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Main Office: 215-627-6747
Fax: 215-627-1313

Executive Director
Jeffrey W. Katz
[email protected] or 215-627-6747 x221

Executive Assistant to Rabbi Maderer & Rabbi Freedman
Candice Nemoff
[email protected] or 215-627-6747 x231

Rabbinic Assistant to Cantor Frankel
B'nai Mitzvah Coordinator

Benay Stein
[email protected] or 215-627-6747 x261

Director of Membership & Philanthropy
Catherine Fischer
[email protected] or 215-627-6747 x246

Community Engagement Associate
Alicia Broudy
[email protected] or 215-627-6747 x220

Center Director - Buerger Early Learning Center
Andi Miller
[email protected] or 267-535-2643

Communications Manager
Alyssa Geller
[email protected] or 215-627-6747 x 247

Facilities Manager
Robert Whitehouse
[email protected] or 215-627-6747 x215

Office Coordinator
Marcia Biggs
[email protected] or 215-627-6747 x212

Accounting Manager
Eve Steinberg
[email protected] or 215-627-6747 x225

Philanthropy Associate
Shelley Saunders
[email protected] or 215-627-6747 x244

Debbie Hill
[email protected] or 215-627-6747 x210 

Director of Youth Education
Jennifer James
[email protected]or 215-627-6747 x241

Youth Engagement Coordinator
Jenn Reiss
[email protected] or 215-627-6747x235