Our Vision

Our vision is to awaken our human spirit to the possibilities within and between us. We create a Jewish community of profound connections through transformative study, prayer, and urban engagement. Standing on the shoulders of our historic congregation's founders, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring the future of the Jewish people. To pursue our vision we:

Welcome all who come to explore or deepen their connection to Judaism and God

Find strength in our diversity of perspective, age, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, family constellation, and socio-economic background

Welcome interfaith families with open arms

Rejoice with each other in times of joy and comfort each other in times of sadness

Lift our voices in prayer, embracing the faithful and the skeptic

Wrestle with the many faces of the Divine on our journeys of growth and spirituality

Engage in the lifelong study of Torah, adding our voices to the generations of interpretation

Repair the brokenness in our neighborhood and the world

Celebrate our connection to Israel and Jews globally, providing a forum for learning and discussion

Draw inspiration from the beauty of the musical, visual, and performing arts

Cultivate a commitment to Jewish life and Jewish identity in the next generation

Reflect, renew, and innovate in the spirit of Reform Judaism