Current Exhibit

A Walk of the Land by Udi Goren
Photographic Journey of the Israel National Trail












Work Statement
The Israel National Trail is a 700-mile long trek stretching from Israel’s northern border all the way south to the Red Sea. It is renowned for being one of the world’s best and most varied long distance hikes.
“Walk of the Land” takes visitors through the experience of crossing the country by foot. It creates an intimate acquaintance with Israel, outside of the headlines and the daily friction, that often take front stage in the discussion about Israel.
The exhibit is meant to reflect the thought behind the planning of the trail. Through Udi’s eyes the hiker encounters every aspect of Israel: nature, wildlife, all types of landscapes and even some urban settings. He also captures the diversity of Israeli society that includes all sects and all religions. Enjoy the journey!

About the Artist
A personal crisis invoked by the 2014 war in Gaza has motivated Udi to set out on a two and a half months journey through the Israel trail. He is a travel photographer, educator, and speaker. He is the first professional “still life” photographer to have walked the Israel National Trail consecutively and has turned it into his life project. In the past two years he has published articles and spoken to hundreds of people in Israel and the United States. He is a graduate of The Brooks Institute of Photography in California, interned for National Geographic Channel in Washington, D.C., and continued that relationship after returning to Israel. He now focuses on documenting Israel’s varied people, landscapes, and nature.  Along with his photography he is involved in activist projects. Udi’s images have been published in newspapers and exhibitions in Israel and abroad.


This show is generously supported by Dr. Bettyruth Walter