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RS WOMEN The mission of RS Women is to provide opportunities to welcome, engage, learn and support one another. We focus our collective energy on women’s health and our Jewish values.

Chair: Julia Engel

Happy New Year to all our RS Women and young RS women ages 12 -18!   Did you know you are automatically an RS Woman just by joining RS?  Welcome!  We have many new events planned this year, which you’ll find posted in the monthly Bulletin.  Come be inspired by our collective participation and intention; and treasure getting to know each other a little more since our last get-togethers.  We especially look forward to new friends from various connection groups joining and of course, don’t forget to include your daughter, niece, or granddaughter when activities allow.  W

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Sunday, May 6, 2018 - 2:00pm

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What experiences in childhood and adolescence affect men and women in gendered ways? What is illegal behavior and what do we do about it?  What is the path to gender equality?

The symposium will be a step toward promoting awareness around gender imbalance, and therefore, change. Attendees will gain a better understanding that our current cultural behaviors and expectations influence women’s career choices and contribute to pay disparity, sexual discrimination, and sexual harassment. The program will speak to how to go forward, including how women should negotiate for their place at the table.

This conversation-style panel, led by Susan Pultman, with dynamic thought leaders, Andrea Kramer, Gail Cummings, and Hope Pomerantz, will focus on the issues of sexism through a professional lens and personal insight. Facilitator-led breakout groups will be held after the panel discussion to elicit and support your thoughts and reactions. All are welcome.


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