Sunday Seminars

Sunday Seminar on "Challenging Political Conversations about Israel" with Rabbi Eric Yoffie

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President Emeritus of the Union for Reform Judaism, will lead a Sunday Seminar about Israel as part of the Scholar-in-Residence weekend sponsored by the Joseph W. Rosenbluth Fund. For more information on Rabbi Yoffie, as well as his posts, articles, and videos, visit


Sunday Seminar: " BDS and Anti-Semitism: What’s Happening in Academia & on American College Campuses?" with Asaf Romirowsky

Asaf Romirowsky, PhD, is the Executive Director of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. RSVP to Candice Nemoff ([email protected]).

This program does not represent the official views of the congregation. We seek to learn from multiple perspectives through our programming.

Sunday Seminar: What Do We Believe? with Rabbi Emeritus Alan Fuchs

Over the four sessions of this course, we will trace and discuss the development of God-belief in Israelite/Jewish history. It will begin with tracing the Biblical origins of the religion of ancient Israel. It then will discuss the development of different Jewish theologies of the last two thousand years. The underlying question of the course will be: Is it necessary to believe in God in order to identify as a Jew? Some reading will be suggested. RSVP to Candice Nemoff.

Sunday Seminar: "A Lifetime of Genesis' with Rabbi Henry Zoob

Rabbi Henry A. Zoob, 1955 Confirmand at Rodeph Shalom, Returns to Speak about his New Book A Lifetime of Genesis.

Rabbi Zoob, Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Beth David in Westwood, Mass., will speak about his new book, A Lifetime of Genesis. The book features two major themes. One theme is devoted to the idea that the Covenant of Abraham provides the fundamental structure of the Book of Genesis; the second theme is that the lives of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Genesis are our lives.  

RSVP to Candice Nemoff.

The Book of Samuel with Dan Slipakoff, Rabbinic Student, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion

Join Dan Slipakoff for a three part exploration on one of the greatest pieces of Biblical literature; politics, power, romance, intrigue— against a backdrop of the tribes of Israel becoming a nation. Two tragically flawed kings struggle to balance ruling the monarch and upholding God's covenant. All levels of learners are welcome!

Contact Candice Nemoff for more information and to RSVP.

What is Reform Judaism? A Discussion of the History of Reform Judaism —and its Evolution with Rabbi Emeritus Alan Fuchs

Read and discuss documents created by the founders of our movement and subsequent leaders, as well as the environment in which they were written. Attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on personal beliefs, especially as they relate to the continuing development of Reform Judaism.

Contact Candice Nemoff for more information and to RSVP.

Sunday Seminar: God's Monsters with Dr. Esther J. Hamori, Professor of Hebrew Bible at Union Theological Seminary

God's Monsters with Dr. Esther J. Hamori, Professor of Hebrew Bible at Union Theological Seminary

In the biblical imagination, the heavens are teeming with life—and it isn’t all angels singing. God is surrounded by hybrid creatures, vengeful spirits, divine hitmen, and other bizarre figures who commit remarkably violent acts, all in God’s employ. Who are the monsters skulking through the Bible and what are they telling us about their God? Find out the answers in this Sunday Seminar.

Louis Magaziner and Julian Francis Abele: The Story of an Unusual Philadelphia Friendship with Amy Cohen

Julian Abele and Louis Magaziner, the first African American and first Jew to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Architecture, forged a bond as students that endured for the rest of their lives. In this presentation, Magaziner's
great-grandniece explores this unusual friendship between two prominent Philadelphia architects. Members of the extended Magaziner family have been part of the Rodeph Shalom community for generations.

City of Sisterly Activism: Philadelphia Jewish Women's Historical Legacy of Social Advocacy with Melissa Klapper

During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, American Jewish women were consistently and publicly engaged in all the major issues of their day, including suffrage, birth control, Zionism, and the labor and peace movements.  Philadelphia was home to numerous American Jewish women whose activism was grounded in their gender, religious, cultural, and ethnic identities.  This talk will explore some of their stories and their impact on both American Jewish history and American women's history.

Count to a Thousand with author Caroline Igra

Caroline Goldberg Igra, an art historian, author, and triathlete, born, bred and educated in the United States, and one of the very first to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah at Rodeph Shalom, has spent the last thirty years living in Israel. Her novel, "Count to a Thousand," tells the story of an American expatriate who constructs a purposefully insular life in Israel similar to the one she'd expected to live back in the United States until it's time to send her eldest child to the army.

Sunday Seminar: BDS and the New Anti-Semitism: What's Happening in Academia and on American College Campuses?

BDS and the New Anti-Semitism: What's Happening in Academia and on American College Campuses? with Asaf Romirowsky, Executive Director of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East and a fellow at the Middle East Forum.

Learn about the origins of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement and how Israel is being de-legitimized.

RSVP: Candice Nemoff


Sketching in the Sanctuary led by Fred Kogan

Have you ever felt inspired to draw our sanctuary, but not known how or where to start? Here is the opportunity to learn colored pencil techniques on toned paper while drawing from observation. You will be able to focus on design details or illustrate portions of the interior using perspective. Most of all, it will be a fun time to get your creative juices flowing in a beautiful sacred space.  

A Discussion of the Book of Job led by Rabbi Emeritus Alan Fuchs

Elisha Ben Abuyah questioning of justice: It is said that once, while sitting in the valley of Gennaser, Aher saw a man climb to the top of a palm tree on Shabbat, take the mother bird with the young, and descend in safety. At the end of Shabbat, he saw another man climb to the top of the same palm tree, take the young but let the mother bird go free. As he descended, a snake bit him and he died. Elisha exclaimed: It is written, “Let the mother go and take only the young, that you may fare well and have a long life” (Devarim 22:7).

Sunday Seminar: Dan Rottenberg

Best-selling author and veteran journalist Dan Rottenberg will discuss his highly acclaimed book, The Outsider: Albert M. Greenfield and the Fall of the Protestant Establishment.

Greenfield was a Russian Jewish immigrant who built a business empire that stretched from New York to New Orleans. He opened the doors of the Philadelphia business community for Jews by targeting the anti-Semitism of Philadelphia’s Protestant business establishment, thereby changing the nature of the Philadelphia business community forever.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL): Presentation of Current Landscape of Anti-Semitsim and Hate Speech

ADL, Associate Regional Director, Robin Burstein, will do a presentation on the current state of anti-semitism, generalized hate and hate speech; how the ADL is responding and what RS community members can do.
Subsequent workshops will follow with dates to be determined.
Sponsored by Men of RS and open to everyone

Sunday Seminar: Food Rescue & Distribution: Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Resources

In conjunction with the Hazon Jewish Food Festival we are conducting a panel discussion.
Presenters: Cathy Snyder, Rolling Harvest
                     Melanie Cataldi, Philabundance
                     Rabbi Eli Freedman, Congregation Rodeph Shalom
Moderator: Marissa McClellan, Food Writer & Canning Teacher

Witness to the Holocaust

Join us in honor of Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, at Witness to Holocaust, where we will hear from Holocaust survivor, Joseph Kahn, and his amazing journey surviving several Nazi labor camps and concentration camps.

This educational event is supported by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.


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