Sunday Seminars

Sunday Seminar: Exploring Jewish Graphics

Exploring Jewish Graphics: Illustrations for Jewish text in Japanese Calligraphy Tradition with Prof. Sharon Gershoni

The talk will show drawings for the biblical book of wisdom Ecclesiastes, words and phrases from the Siddur and Hebrew letters, how they function as commentary to the texts and the the inter-cultural connection between Jewish commentary tradition and Japanese calligraphy world.

Sunday Seminar: Israel Engagement

Who Are We: Understanding the Demographics in Israel, Fred Strober and Ken Klothen
Founded in 1982, the Taub Center provides the country's top policy makers and the general public with a professional, "big picture" perspective, as well as policy options, in the economic and social spheres.  The Center's five interdisciplinary Policy Programs in education, labor, social welfare, health, and economics bring together prominent academic researchers and leading experts from the policy realm.

Witness to the Holocaust with Survivor David Tuck

David Tuck was born in Poland. Life drastically changed on September 1, 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. David was 10 years old. By December David was forced to wear an armband and then a yellow Star of David and he had to step off the sidewalk and into the street when German soldiers approached. Within a few weeks David’s family was deported to the Lodz ghetto where he spoke German well enough that he was able to work in the food ration office providing families with ration cards.

How Is This Night Different from All Others? – Biblical Insights to Enhance Your Seder with Rabbi Andrea Weiss, PhD

There are a number of biblical texts related to the Passover seder that yield new information and insights to bring to your Passover seder. We will uncover an early tradition of seven plagues, and discuss why “plagues” is the not best word to describe these events. We will also explore several readings from The Torah: A Women’s Commentary related to the holiday and the biblical women who played a vital role in the early part of the Passover story.


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