Listening to the Voices of Israeli and Palestinian Teens with Professor Bob Vogel

*Note change in time from 11:15am to 10:15am
The program explores the lives of children ages 12 to 14 living in one of the most tense and complicated regions of the world, full of conflict and violence. Listen to the voices and feelings of Israeli Jewish and Palestinian children, as they freely share them with each other through a program called Writers Matter. No matter what side of the fence/wall they live, these children often write about anguish, fear, and hopelessness. These challenges are not only rooted in their worlds of religious and political conflict, but also in everyday problems of communication common within friends and family. These children all share an uncertain future and face seemingly insurmountable challenges each day of their lives. However, they all share one thing in common - they have big dreams for the future. Through this program the children find a new freedom leading to a real sense of “empowerment.”

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