Our Prayer Book As A Prism for Our Own Aging

Join us as we explore the background of our prayers and how they can provide a pathway to our sacred aging.
Rabbi Address* will lead these conversations and Rabbi Jill Maderer will facilitate the final session to help us process our learning together.
Topic: Sh'ma/V'ahavta & Hashkeveinu 

Judaism as a "holistic" model for life. The inter-connection of mind, body and soul. How this
impacts a Jewish view of health and wellness as we age.

The fragility of life. The concept and importance of gratitude as we age. How do we deal with the "necessary losses" that longevity brings to us? What about our own choices?

Bring your own vegetarian dinner of a snack to share.

*Rabbi Richard F Address, D.Min is founder and director of Jewish Sacred Aging, LLC, the web site www.jewishsacredaging.com and host of the Jewish Sacred Aging series of pod casts. He served as Pennsylvania Council regional director for Union for Reform Judaism as well as the founder of the URJ's Department of Jewish Family Concerns.

All welcome. Sponsored by BoomRS
Chairs: Jonathan Broder ([email protected]), Linda Karp Rudow ([email protected]), and Heshie Zinman ([email protected])

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