Giving Opportunities

"To accept gifts from all whose heart moves them to give" (Exodus 25:2)

For questions, contact Catherine S. Fischer at 215-627-6747 x246 or [email protected].

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RS Endowment
Endowment Funds provide unrestricted support for the Synagogue’s educational, religious and cultural programs, as well as for the maintenance of our infrastructure. The principal of these funds remain in perpetuity while the yearly earnings support the Congregation.

Restricted Funds:
Named funds that provide for specific needs of the Congregation as predetermined by the donor, the President of the Congregation and our clergy. Our existing funds support programs such as entry-level Mercaz Limud (Religious School) education, musical programming, Jewish camping and the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art.

New Funds:
To create a new fund, please contact: Catherine S. Fischer at 215-627-6747 x246


Planned Giving:

Rabbi Wice Society

The Rabbi David H. Wice Society was established to recognize and thank those who honor the legacy of Rabbi David H. Wice. In so doing we can help ensure that Rodeph Shalom continues to be able to serve its members with the same values and vision held by Rabbi Wice. Including a gift to The David H. Wice Society in your financial plan is a thoughtful way of complementing a lifetime of support to Congregation Rodeph Shalom. It allows one to make a significant legacy or lifetime gift that may not have been possible at an earlier stage of life. Such gifts offer certain tax benefits and can also provide advantages such as lifetime income to the donor others. Through planned giving, current members can assure that Rodeph Shalom will continue to be viable for future generations. Some forms of planned giving are naming the Congregation as a beneficiary in bequests, charitable trusts and life insurance policies.


Congregational Support:

Investing Level
Participation in the Investing Level of membership contribution (amount above Sustaining Membership Commitment) enables us to be the visionary center of Jewish life we strive to be.

High Holy Day Appeal
At this focused time of the year, the President traditionally reminds the Congregation of the need for financial as well as spiritual support.

Perpetual Memorials
As a congregation rich in tradition, we value the generational continuity provided by Perpetual Memorials. The Congregation observes the Yahrzeits of current members. This program ensures that future generations will be reminded of our loved ones as well.

Capital Gifts
For 215 years, Philadelphia’s Jews have connected with each other, Judaism and our city through Congregation Rodeph Shalom. During our long history, our congregation has faced and responded to a wide range of challenges with fortitude and flexibility. We have consistently emerged as an even stronger institution. The challenge that we now face is not new, it has been emerging for many years. Our 1920’s historic landmark building is aging and is not designed to meet the expectations and requirements of our 21st century community. As a center for Jewish life in our region, we have a sacred responsibility to ensure that our building meets our needs and those of future generations. During this next year, we will undertake the critical initiative of expanding and upgrading the building to produce the spatial environment that we need to foster our Congregation’s mission of Creating Profound Connections.