RS Women Spring Presentation: A Passover Workshop

All adults are invited to join in this Passover Workshop at RS. Visit multiple stations focusing on Passover rites and traditions, the Passover meal, Haggadot, and how best to engage children at the seder.

Here’s more on what awaits you at the stations:

Food Fabulous Food: The Passover Feast (Ruth Yaskin) – Your meal can be a feast of traditional dishes or a mosaic of foods from other countries and cultures. Come explore the options!

Tell It Your Way: Choosing a Haggadah That’s Right For You (Ellen Poster) – The text of the first haggadah, published in Spain in 1482, remained for centuries what we used to retell the story of our people’s exodus from Egypt. Now you can choose. Do you want a traditional haggadah or one sensitive to gender equality, immigrants, children, or interfaith or LGBTQ families and guests? Perhaps you wish to design a haggadah of your own. We’ll explore the components of a haggadah and the range of possibilities and resources for finding or creating the perfect version for your seder.

Matzah, Maror & More: The Story Behind The Story (Marcy Basickes) -  Discover traditional and modern takes on Passover’s dietary laws, observance, and their history. We’ll also talk about the symbolism of the foods on a traditional seder plate and choosing what goes on your own. We’ll also discuss the what, why, and how of counting the omer and there will be plenty of resources for you to take home.

Easy Kid Friendly Seders:  Planning One For Your Family (Jennifer James and Andi Miller)- Have you ever wondered how to engage children of all ages at your seder? This station will present ideas, including games and songs, for including children throughout the evening.

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