Dozens of American colleges and universities are rejecting an academic boycott of Israeli universities recently approved by the academic American Studies Association, the nation’s oldest and largest association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history.

A letter from Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin: "Thank those universities that said "no thanks!" to the ASA resolution!"

When hatred goes viral, so should gratitude.

While the ASA was deciding to help put Israel into an academic ghetto, something was happening behind our backs – something by no means insidious, but, rather, redemptive.

The academic world did not stay silent. Quite the contrary. To date, twenty-five American universities have refused to join the ASA boycott. In many cases, they have also issued strongly worded protests against the Association’s actions.

Here are the names of the presidents or chancellors of each university, along with their contact information. Because it is not enough to scream gevalt when we have been wounded. We also have to scream “thank you” to those who are our friends, to those who stood up for truth, to those who have refused to have their educational institutions seduced by all too common siren song of anti-Israelism. We need to thank those institutions, especially if we are alumni of them, and/or our children or grandchildren attend them. .

This is the mitzvah of hakarat ha-tov – recognizing the good. Thank these university officials for their universities’ courage in standing up to the American Studies Association. Thank them for their commitment to truth and to intellectual honesty. Thank them for the generosity of spirit that they demonstrated towards the State of Israel.

Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin