Board of Trustees' Resolution following 2012 tragedy in Sandy Hook, CT

Board of Trustees' Resolution following 2012 tradedt in Sandy Hook, CT

Congregation Rodeph Shalom Board of Trustees Resolution
As American Jews, we honor our constitutional principles and respect the right of our fellow Americans to own and use firearms, whether for self protection or recreation.  Our Torah teaches, and our tradition confirms, the sanctity of all life.  We are concerned that the recent and unprecedented rise in mass killing by assault weapon threatens the bedrock of our Torah’s teachings and the very values and way of life we Americans cherish.  We believe that the principles set out in our Constitution and the Torah are complementary, and that as Jews we are commanded, when so many lives are at stake, to take action and have our voices heard.  Accordingly,
BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees of Reform Congregation Rodeph Shalom supports the following proposals and calls for our elected leaders to take immediate action to institute them: 
Prohibit private citizens from selling, purchasing, or possessing automatic weapons of all types and semi-automatic assault weapons with high-capacity ammunition clips; and any kind of  armor-piercing or soft-body bullets;
Require criminal and mental health background checks for all purchases of firearms, wherever and however the transaction is consummated;
Enforce states’ adherence to information sharing and other requirements under existing law;
Impose reasonable restrictions on the bulk or repeat purchase of firearms by an individual;
Assure the uniform enforcement of assault weapon laws on a nationwide basis; 
Restore funding to the National Institutes of Mental Health, the Center for Disease Control, and other research organizations for studying the causes of the recent rash of violence, with an emphasis on whether the crisis has been initiated or compounded by films, television or video games; and
Strengthen the mental health system, to better identify and treat persons as a strategy to reduce violence in our society.

We feel that the recommendations mandated recently by the President, and furnished by the Vice-President, are a good start but believe that our legislative bodies now need to address this growing crisis, and we stand ready to add our support to any effort to stem it.