Social Justice


POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower, and Rebuild)
An Interfaith initiative transforming the social and economic policies that are impacting our families and neighborhoods. This year POWER will be specifically focusing on a statewide education campaign. Help us work for a Fair Funding Formula to ensure that every child in Pennsylvania has access to a proper education. For more information, contact chairs: Jamie Kudera and Terrilyn McCormick.

Hunger ReSponse

Rodeph Shalom has launched a new project to respond to hunger in our neighborhood called Hunger ReSponse. Our main initiative is preparing and delivering meals to our neighbors down the street at Bethesda North Broad (722 N. Broad St). Rodeph Shalom has, for many years, cooked Sunday breakfast there, and will now start preparing dinners using our kitchen and delivering meals directly to Bethesda’s residents. 

Meals will be prepared the last Tuesday or Wednesday of every month. All are welcome to help shop, plan meals, cook, bake and/or deliver. We also would be grateful for financial contributions. A donation of $200 would cover the cost of 50 meals. A generous contribution has already been made to kick off Hunger ReSponse. Questions? Contact: Stacey Spector.

Do Not Stand Idly By (Gun Reform) Campaign

“If 30,000 Americans were dying in a war every year, we wouldn’t just stand idly by, we wouldn’t say, ‘This is what it means to be an American. This is the price we pay for being an American.’ We would have done something…It’sinexplicable, it’s inexcusable, it’s unacceptable.” –Rabbi Joel Mosbacher (

Discuss ways in which Philadelphia can partner with the national Do Not Stand Idly By campaign to leverage purchasing power to expand gun reform. For more information or to join the conversation, contact Doug Rosenblum.

Collection Drive for HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)-- Baby Items Needed

Please go to the HIAS PA Target registry, to find items of need right now, including everything from diapers to baby carriers, which are particularly needed.  It’s easy -- when you check out, click the box to send the items you select directly to HIAS PA. No need to shop and shlep!  Also, send a gift card with your name and address to receive a receipt and a thank you.  Let them know you are from RS. Your gifts are appreciated!

Bethesda on Broad
Cook and serve breakfast on the second Sunday of each month. For more information, contact: Stef Zeis (or 856-357-3484).

MENTOR (Mitzvah, Encourage, Nurture, Tutor, Outreach, Reassure) Program
Be a part of this amazing initiative that changes lives. The RS MENTOR (Mitzvah, Encourage, Nurture, Tutor, Outreach, and Reassure) program is relaunching at the start of the new calendar year. Work with children who read below grade level or need math help. Your support, guidance and assistance to a young person facing challenges can make a world of difference. Now is the moment to learn more. There is a pressing need today! All it takes is two free hours one day per week along with your respect for youth, active listening skills and empathy. For more information, contact: Liz Holzman. 

Soda Tab Collection for Ronald McDonald House
Please bring your aluminum can tabs to RS. We now have tab collection cans at the security desk and in the clergy suite. The Ronald McDonald House receives money from recycling these tabs. You can make your own paper container to collect them at home by downloading this adorable template.

Breaking Bread on Broad
Breaking Bread on Broad provides the children in our neighborhood with free breakfast and lunch during summer months, just like during the school year. More than food, we will provide a summer of fun activities and learning right here at RS – music, art, science, exercise, games, and more! But to do this, we need your help and support! Breaking Bread will be open from 8:00am - 1:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Whatever your passion, we have a receptive group of kids, from age 5 to 18, ready to share it with you. If you can't volunteer your time, but would like to contribute, we can always use supplies such as stickers, Play-Doh, pipe cleaners, children's picture books and chapter books, coloring books and activity books, watercolors ,crayons, bubbles, flower seeds, potting soil and flower pots or construction paper.

For more information on Breaking Bread on Broad, contact Julian Ovalle.

To volunteer with Breaking Bread on Broad, you need to complete a criminal background check and child abuse form. Here are the links:

Criminal Background Check

Child Abuse Clearance

To learn more about our Social Justice opportunities, please contact Rabbi Freedman.


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