Shabbat Services: Multi-Access

In-person, join together for a pre-Shabbat service oneg at 5:30 p.m. in the lobby and Forman Family Courtyard (weather permitting) or virtually at 6:00pm by clicking here or visiting our website.
How we regather for Shabbat Services
We are eager to regather in the sanctuary on Fridays at 6:00 p.m. and reconnect in our One Community – Multiple Access offering. There will be both in-person and virtual access to Shabbat services! We hope this guide helps you to prepare:
  • Masks – For now, in this early regathering stage, we require congregants to mask indoors. Together, we are determining the best path towards including those who cannot become fully vaccinated, including young children for whom we model masking indoors. Each clergy member will unmask for portions of the service that clergy member leads.
  • Virtual Multi-Access – Now that we will no longer access services all in the same way, the best technological solutions for us have changed. The new livestream will offer a comments feature and will not include the video of worshipers participating virtually.
  • Closed Captioning – To enable closed captioning, select the “CC” icon in the ribbon on the bottom of your video player.
  • Vaccination – Our congregation expects all who attend in-person to be vaccinated. In keeping with the Jewish mandate that “All the community is responsible for each other,” Jewish values obligate us to vaccinate unless health condition or age makes that impossible. Together, we protect ourselves and we protect each other, and we especially protect those whose age or health condition preludes vaccination. For further teaching on Jewish values about vaccination, go here
  • Social Distancing – Although the science clearly guides the society and our community to reopen our in-person living, there is an emotional adjustment for some and there are special health concerns for others. Please ensure that physical contact and proximity to people are mutually welcomed by asking consent. Before sitting next to someone, ask “May I sit here or would you prefer to spread out?”
  • Oneg – Weather permitting, we will hold Oneg Shabbat/Kiddush in the Forman Family Courtyard outdoors, unmasked, so we can enjoy some challah together!
  • Prayerbook – Looking to follow virtually with the prayerbook? A digital prayerbook can be accessed here, free of charge. A hard copy prayerbook can be purchased here. On both, pages numbers will align with those announced in the sanctuary.