Code of Ethics

At Congregation Rodeph Shalom, we strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards of personal integrity, social responsibility, and human decency.  When we behave ethically and hold ourselves accountable, Rodeph Shalom is a safe, welcoming, and sacred environment.

Informed by our congregation’s mission statement, equity, inclusion and diversity statement, Board of Directors’ Brit and Conflict of Interest policy, this values-based code of ethics sets forth the principles and expectations for adherence to standards of conduct for our clergy, congregants, staff (whether full time or part time), visitors, guests, vendors and independent contractors whether participating in a Rodeph Shalom activity that is in the building, online, or offsite.  This Code concerns the actions of the entire RS community but, additionally, it is important to note that actions by employer/employees/consultants/vendors may be governed by the RS Employment Manual, contracts, and/or other related policies and agreements.


 Exemplify Holiness – K’dushah

 Congregation Rodeph Shalom welcomes all who wish to engage with our sacred community.

  • We include and embrace people from every religious background, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, income level, physical, mental or developmental ability, family structure, and those at the intersection of these identities.
  • We include and embrace diverse ideas and perspectives, providing all who participate in our community with a sense of belonging and the expectation that their ideas and concerns may be openly and respectfully stated and responded to similarly.


Honesty – Yosher

Congregation Rodeph Shalom expects all who engage in our community to conduct themselves in an honest manner.

  • We promote open and honest communication that allows constructive conflict and promotes thoughtful resolution.
  • We protect the confidentiality of privileged personal and/or personnel information, either about an individual or the synagogue, and do not disclose it without consent.
  • We make decisions regarding synagogue-related matters with transparency, openness, and accountability, unless confidentiality dictates otherwise (g. to protect premature release of names of candidates for employment).
  • We recognize, respect, and protect the intellectual property rights of our synagogue and others. We obey copyright laws governing the use and distribution of published materials. We respect the efforts of others and do not take credit for their work. 


Honor – Kavod

Congregation Rodeph Shalom values acting with integrity.

  • We conduct financial matters related to synagogue involvement with complete honesty and transparency.
  • We act solely according to the synagogue’s best interest when acting on its behalf.
  • We refrain from using one’s synagogue position for personal advantage or benefit.
  • We are bound by sacred obligation to uphold our financial agreements with and commitments to the synagogue, absent exigent circumstances.
  • We conduct employment practices and related decision-making in an ethical and legal manner.


Compassion – Rachamim

Congregation Rodeph Shalom embraces the fundamental value of performing acts of lovingkindness (g’milut chasadim).

  • We treat others with respect, dignity, fairness, and compassion.
  • We refrain from derogatory speech, negative talk, gossip, and slander, whether in person or on social media.
  • We condemn bullying, including any unwanted behavior that degrades, humiliates, or oppresses another. Verbal, physical, or cyberbullying is never acceptable.


Justice – Tzedek

Congregation Rodeph Shalom believes everyone entering our sacred space has the right to feel safe and respected, and that, kol yisrael areivim zeeh bazeh, we are morally and ethically responsible for one another.

  • We expect maintenance of appropriate physical and emotional boundaries.
  • We do not exploit the vulnerability of another, take advantage of a power imbalance, compromise one’s moral integrity, or create an intimidating, offensive, abusive, or hostile environment.
  • We do not engage in sexual harassment or abuse, including unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, physical, or written expression of a sexual nature.
  • We support those who appear to be the victims of abuse, neglect, or violence.


Procedures for addressing allegations of unethical behavior are available on request from Congregation Rodeph Shalom’s main office.

Adopted: 12/12/2023

Click here to view the procedures delineating how allegations of unethical behavior based will be addressed, based on the Congregation Rodeph Shalom Ethics Code.