In our Congregation's vision to create profound connections, we find strength in our diversity of perspective, age, gender expression, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, family constellation, and socioeconomic background and we welcome interfaith families with open arms.  Through our Connection Groups, we seek to help peers find one another in order to deepen connections, to socialize, to rejoice with each other in times of joy and comfort each other in times of sadness. All Connection Groups are open to members and non-members.



Chairs: Kay Braun ( & Patricia Isakowitz (

BoomRS are those who are Boomer Generation and those on the cusp, not so much an age as a mindset. BoomRS get together to take advantage of (Center City) life, events and activities, as well as social, spiritual, and educational opportunities at RS. Singles and couples welcome.


Chair: Ruth Yaskin (

DiveRSity brings together families & individuals interested in cultivating a diverse and welcoming community, and exploring issues of racial diversity and identity within the RS community.


Chairs: Amara Hahn (,  Jen King (, and Dana Strauss (

Families with Young Children work to foster Jewish identity and community in families with children 5 years-old and younger. Gather for Tot Shabbats, holiday sing-alongs, pizza dinners and more. All FwYC are welcome at Buerger events.


Chairs: Jonathan Broder (, Fred Strober (, and Carl Schneider (

A new connection group for our many lawyers. Programming will be educational, entertaining and fun, giving our lawyers an opportunity to strengthen their  ties with RS and each other. The group will provide opportunities for volunteers to engage in pro bono  activities supporting deserving individuals or organizations.


Chair: Mike Shuster (

Men of RS focus on social activism and recreational events that are both entertaining and engaging. We meet monthly for dinner either at RS or at local restaurants. Our goals are simply to create opportunities to share good food and conversation with men of varied ages and backgrounds; fostering social relationships in order to strengthen the bonds of friendship and community within our synagogue.

PARENTS OF MERCAZ LIMUD Parents of Berkman Mercaz Limud (religious school age students) get together alone and with children to strengthen their sense of community.

Pre-K - 4th Grade Chairs: Kait Yulman (, Geoff Neimark (
5th Grade - 9th Grade Chairs: Laurel Glaser and Mark Levenstien
10th Grade & Up Chairs: Andi Shuster ( and Stephanie Bungard (


Chairs: Ben Zion Friedman (

Adults 65+, retired or not, get together for opportunities at RS and in Center City during the weekday. People of all ages are welcome.


Chair: Chair Heshie Zinman (

pRiSm's mission is to strengthen Jewish LGBTQA life and identity at Congregation Rodeph Shalom and in the world. Our work will focus on education, advocacy and celebration.


Chair: Ben-Zion Friedman ( and Stacie Evans (

ReadRS is an opportunity to connect with each other and share ideas through lively discussions of books over wine, cheese, and other nibbles.  Join in and help us select books of  interest you would like to read -- fiction or non-fiction, serious or humorous, controversial or not -- that not only provide "a good read" but also help us explore the meaning and experience of being Jewish, past or  present, in America and around the world.


Chair: Julia Engel (

The mission of RS Women is to provide opportunities to welcome, engage, learn and support one another. We focus our collective energy on women's health and our Jewish values.


Chairs: Chairs: Muriel Kudera ( and Susan Behr (

Seasoned Solos are members and prospective members over 40 who enjoy RS events, services, dinners, community service, cultural activities  and camaraderie with one another. We greet at Shabbat services on Friday night, and sit together at services and congregational dinners. 


Chairs: Chairs: Jill Ivey ( and Martin Sinel (

The Young Friends of Rodeph Shalom gathers members and prospective members, generally in their 20s and 30s, who want to establish and grow roots at RS and in Philadelphia's Jewish community through social events, Jewish learning, and a commitment to tikkun olam.

Day of Learning

Day of Learning gives congregants an opportunity to teach and learn from each other. We focus on Jewish topics or secular topics through a Jewish lens.


If you have questions about our groups, which group you might be best suited for, or have suggestions for other groups, please contact Alicia Broudy (267-930-7286)