Chairs: Betsy Fiebach ( & Cheryl Dougherty (

Supporting our sacred community in times of joy, sadness, and need.

Our ancient tradition calls upon each one of us to embrace our community wholly as a congregational family. We rejoice in times of joy, visit and nurture the ailing, mourn with those in grief, and connect the RS community with opportunities and resources to learn and support one another no matter the need. In these endeavors, we work hand in hand with the clergy, respecting privacy and anonymity.

Mitzvah Meals: Creating Profound Connections with Members Who Cannot Get to RS Easily

All are welcome to help shop, cook, bake, and/or deliver meals to congregants who can’t get to RS due to ill health, a recent birth or a death in the family. 

Click here to register for Mitzvah Meals on second Wednesday of every month from 5:00-7:00pm