Virtual Congregational Second Night Seder

Event details

  • Thursday | April 9, 2020
  • 5:30 pm
Congregational Second Night Seder–Get Ready to Celebrate Virtually
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Here’s how you can start to plan:
Gather Your Seder Plate and Seder Table Symbols
“In every generation we see ourselves as if we, ourselves, came out of Egypt.”
  • Computer or tablet
  • Two candles, matches  
  • Kiddush cup
  • Bottle of wine or grape juice
  • Matzah, matzah cover/napkin  
  • Pitcher of water and basin
  • Elijah’s cup
  • Optional: Miriam’s cup of water
  • Seder Plate or generic plate for seder items
For the seder plate:
  • Pesach: shankbone or other cooked meat bone or beet
  • Karpas: parsley or other greens and bowl of salt water
  • Maror: horseradish or bitter vegetable
  • Beitzah: roasted egg 
  • Charoset: fruit, nut, and juice/wine spread
  • Optional: orange