As our children are the future of the Jewish people, Rodeph Shalom provides options for them to practice living that culture. From birth through college, we aim to instill in our young people a curiosity for Jewish learning, a love of Jewish living and the confidence to make Jewish decisions. Our community rests upon the principles of warmth, support, security, challenge, curiosity, student empowerment, mutual responsibility, community participation, joy, enthusiasm and a lack of intimidation. The youth community is connected to the larger synagogue, Jewish people and Jewish past. As such we live out our history, traditions, culture, langauge, texts and a relationship with God, and we dedicate ourselves to the Jewish mission of tikkun olam, the repair of our world.

We want our students to enjoy coming to Rodeph Shalom. Our teachers are chosen because they are positive role models who value and cherish their own Jewish identity. Students learn not only the subject matter, but they also interact with the human texts of our faculty. In addition, children who grow up in the program often become teachers themselves, acting as the very role models that were so crucial to their own development.

We acknowledge that what we do in the building is only one part of the Jewish education of a young person. The family provides the critical link to the success of our mission. We expect and hope that parents will provide loving, nurturing and enthusiastic Jewish homes, filled with Jewish experiences, observances, celebrations, ritual objects, discussions and books. Our youth program partners with the larger Adult Education program of Rodeph Shalom for parents to learn as parents as well as to further their own growth as Jewish individuals. Please join us in learning together with your child/ren.