Friendship and Learning at Berkman Mercaz Limud

Welcome to Berkman Mercaz Limud!  Enjoy exploring everything we have to offer!

At Berkman Mercaz Limud (“learning center”) we foster a sense of love and joy engaging with being Jewish.  Building friendships and helping our students feel connected to one another as part of a shared community is foundational and essential to all our programs. 

To enrich that engagement, we impart Jewish knowledge across a wide spectrum that includes Torah, Jewish history, worship, God-wrestling, Hebrew language, Israel, Jewish values, and integrating Jewish living in the larger scope of life as an American Jew – delving into these areas in ever-increasing levels of complexity from Pre-K, to 12th grade, and continuing as our youth go on to college and other endeavors after high school.

We encourage our students to ask deep questions, to think critically when confronted with new ideas, and to integrate their Jewish learning with the lives they lead outside the synagogue walls.

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