Hebrew Through Movement: 

Students in 1st through 4th grades engage weekly in Hebrew Through Movement classes.


Hebrew Reading: 

Beginning in 5th grade, students are introduced to the alef-bet in print and begin to learn how to “decode” – that is, to sound out words in Hebrew by knowing the pronunciation of the letters and vowels.  Assessments at the beginning of the year help us create small groups of 2-3 students per teacher to improve the learning process, and assessments throughout the year help to understand progress and identify areas in which students need assistance.

After mastering the alef-bet, students proceed to reading Hebrew prayers and learning how to recognize the shoresh (root) of commonly-used words in those prayers (for example, b-r-ch – the shoresh denoting “blessing” – forms the basis of common prayer words baruch, bracha, bar’chu, and b’ruchim, all of which refer to “blessing”). 

Hebrew reading tools include textbooks, siddurim (prayer books), chumashim (printed Torah books), Hebrew labels and artwork in classrooms and hallways, and a wide variety of games and other creative strategies. 


Midweek Hebrew: 

For students who want to engage more deeply with Hebrew and practice Hebrew reading in a mixed-age group setting, we offer two additional hours of in-person class time on Wednesday afternoons or one additional hour online every Tuesday afternoon.  Hebrew Through Movement, Modern Hebrew, and a variety of games and individual assessments round out the midweek Hebrew experience.