High Holy Day services at Rodeph Shalom are an uplifting experience of community, prayer, and music. Membership provides the opportunity for you to participate in Jewish life at Rodeph Shalom — including High Holy Day services.

In our tradition dating back to biblical times, we are pleased to welcome guests. If you know someone looking for a Jewish community, invite them to join us as our guest on Erev Rosh Hashanah or to explore becoming a prospective member. Contact Steven Share at sshare@rodephshalom.org or 267-930-7286.

Procedures for RS Congregants to Obtain Guest Passes
• Requests for guest passes should be made by September 9. Contact Noah Levine at nlevine@rodephshalom.org if you have any questions.
• For security reasons, guest passes must be obtained prior to the service.

For Out of Town Guests
Members may request guest passes for out-of-town guests by clicking here. Please provide a contribution of $180 per guest pass for each out-of-town adult guest.

For Local Residents

  • Full-time students with a valid student ID or members of the military may be admitted without guest passes by presenting evidence of their status at the door. No contribution is requested.
  • Dependent parents of a member who reside with the member may receive complimentary guest passes.
  • We invite prospective members to come as our guests for one High Holy Day season. Prospective members should contact Steven Share at
    sshare@rodephshalom.org or 267-930-7286 to schedule a conversation.

Guest Pass Reciprocity
Planning to attend services at an out-of-town Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) affiliated synagogue? Contact Noah Levine at nlevine@rodephshalom.org. Bringing guests to Rodeph Shalom for High Holy Day services who are members of another URJ synagogue? Ask them to contact their home synagogue and request reciprocal seating at Rodeph Shalom.

Adult Children of Members in Good Standing

  • Adult children 26 years old and under do not require a High Holy Day guest pass and can join their family by presenting a photo ID.
  • Adult children 27 years old and up, living out-of-town and currently unaffiliated are asked to make a contribution of their choosing to RS. We are happy to work out the arrangements directly with your child. Contact Noah Levine at nlevine@rodephshalom.org for more information.
  • Adult children 27 years old and up, living out-of-town who belong to a synagogue can receive passes through reciprocity. Contact Noah Levine at nlevine@rodephshalom.org for more information. Adult children living in the Philadelphia area are invited to consider joining RS.

For Guests Interested in Attending Virtually — From Home
• Guests may participate by registering at rodephshalom.org/hhd-registration and there is no cost. Contributions to help us provide this option can be made when registering or by mail.