Israel and the Changing Middle East: Trudy Rubin Speaking at RS

Join us to hear Trudy Rubin, the Philadelphia Inquirer columnist, speak on “Israel and the Changing Middle East,” Wed., Nov. 20 at 7:00 pm.   Rubin will lead a provocative discussion about how Iran talks, a crumbling Syria, and a new military in Egypt will have an impact on Israel.  Check out her latest column: Seeking a ‘Good Enough’ Iran Deal.

Thank you to the Joseph J. & Lulu S. Rosenbluth Fund for sponsoring.

Trudy Rubin has special expertise on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, the Israeli-Palestinian issue, international terrorism and the US foreign policy. She has visited Afghanistan and Pakistan and has made ten trips to Iraq and two to Iran. She has corresponded from Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, China and South Korea.