Co-Chairs: Jonathan Broder and Carl Schneider 

A new connection group for our many lawyers. Programming will be educational, entertaining, and fun, giving our lawyers an opportunity to strengthen their ties with RS and each other. The group will provide opportunities for volunteers to engage in pro-bono activities supporting deserving individuals or organizations.  

Upcoming Events:

Lawyers Check-In
Thursday, July 23 at 7:00pm

Join us to make new friends and share experiences on how COVID-19 restrictions have impacted your practice. How do you handle meetings and communication with colleagues and clients?  How have you created or accessed documents?  What is it like to practice law in the shadow of a pandemic?  Personal news is also welcome. 

We scheduled a similar check-in meeting a recently and the attendance was negligible. If you plan to attend July 23,  please RSVP to Carl Schneider.  The check-in will be cancelled unless there is adequate indication of participation.