The POWER Interfaith’s Live Free Campaign addresses Police Accountability, Ending Gun Violence, Immigration, and Ending Mass Incarceration. A document will be distributed soon that we will use to strengthen our ability to confidently and knowledgeably participate in the upcoming May 18 primary to learn about district attorney and judicial candidates and their goals and priorities.

RS Live Free Committee Members:
Jon Broder: (Police Accountability)
Debbie Davies: (Ending Mass Incarceration)

In our collaboration with POWER Interfaith, the multi-faith community organization initiative, here is an election guide created by the ending mass incarceration team of POWER’s Live Free criminal justice campaign.  It provides voter timelines, mail-in, and polling location information, the positions of Democratic and Republican candidates on relevant justice reform issues so that we can be informed voters in the May 18th primary and the November 2 general elections.

Live Free Criminal Justice Teams: 

Immigration/Ending Detention

Ending Gun Violence

Police Accountability

  • Citizens Police Accountability Commission
  • Real Public Safety
  • City/FOP Contract
  • PA Act 111

Ending Mass Incarceration
Click here to read The Prison Policy Initiative’s Article on Mass Incarceration



How do I get involved?

Click here to sign up for an action item and get involved in the Live Free Criminal Justice Campaign.