Message from Noah Max Igra, a soldier in the Israeli Defense Force

betty ruth's noah

 Many of you may remember that Noah Igra wrote a message for the Rodeph Shalom Bulletin a few months ago, and requested contributions to help his army unit.

As you may know, Noah is the grandson of Bettyruth Walter and Donald J. Goldberg, who were married here at Rodeph Shalom in 1957.  He is the son of Caroline Goldberg Igra, who was a Bat Mitzvah and confirmand here at RS,  and her husband Rami.  Noah was a Bar Mitzvah here at Rodeph Shalom in 2008.

There were kind contributions made in the name of Noah Igra to the IDF, and that money was used towards buying new and wonderful boots for his entire unit of 29 young Israeli men.

Well, you can be quite certain that those same boots are very important to these young soldiers fighting for the survival of Israel right now.

Since he is quite busy at the moment, I am writing this thank you note for him – and his entire unit – to tell you how appreciative these young men were to receive this gift from Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia.  We all pray for a rapid cease to this madness in the Middle East, and peace for all.

– Bettyruth Walter