Monday, May 11, through Friday, May 15

Let our best selves shine forth
In these moments of uncertainty…

Let kindness flow between us…
As a river of blessings.

            – Alden Solovy, “Sheltering In Place”

Videos to the classes that have already taken place will be added to this page. Click the title of the class to watch the session. 

Monday, May 11 Classes 

Torah Study on the Mountain
As we slowly climb out of the depths of viral servitude, we’ll examine what Torah portion Behar (on the mountain) can tell us about how to make our climb worthwhile. You’ll surely recognize the most famous phrase from Behar, “Proclaim liberty throughout the land…” Learn with Rabbi George Stern and Dinah Brin.

The Language of LGBTQIA+:  Take some time to learn a new language–the pronouns and acronyms of LGBTQIA+ and more. Monica Kramer, Rachelle Schneider, and Heshie Zinman will lead us.  

Suffragists: Our Jews in the NewsVoting has arguably never been more important than now. Sit in with Julia Williams and Paula Fuchsberg of the RS Suffrage Project as they show how they discovered Jewish suffragists in Philadelphia who moved and shook the United States into granting women the right to vote 100 years ago.


Tuesday, May 12 Classes:

A Joyful Noise Sing-AlongOpen your mouth joyfully–kids and grandkids, too–to sing Jewish camp songs with Rabbi Freedman, his guitar, and maybe his ukulele. 

Green and GrowingStep outside with Marsha Weinraub and Stuart Schmidt to learn how to design and maintain an urban garden in Philadelphia. Also learn why flowers and plants are associated with the upcoming major (yet unfamiliar to many) holiday of Shavuot


Thursday, May 14 Classes:

Miss being in our sanctuary? Be there virtually. Photographer Karen Michaels will show and discuss her loving images of our sacred space and congregational president and architect Michael Hauptman will offer his commentary. 


Friday, May 15 Classes:

Counting the OmerJerry Silverman will lead a virtual tour around the omer and its connection to Kabbalah and mysticism. Come along to find out: What exactly is an omer? Why, when, and how do we count the days? What are the mystical attributes connected to the seven weeks? Why is it considered a time of semi-mourning? What personal spirituality can you discover during this period? And what is Lag B’Omer and why do Israelis burn wooden trash to celebrate?


New Days of Learning Planning Group
Co-chairs: Gail ‘Malka’ Meister and Ellen Poster
Ben-Zion Friedman, Howard Green, Avi Katz, Marc Lowenstein, Jeffrey Saunders, and Jerry Silverman