One in 40 Ashkenazi Jews Carries a BRCA Cancer Gene Mutation! Oct. 6 Community-Wide Symposium

The actress revealed she¿d had a double mastectomy after learning she carried a faulty gene

The “Angelina Jolie effect” has quadrupled the number of women seeking genetic counseling regarding hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and learning about rigorous screening and preventative surgery.  Join us for the potentially life-saving awareness campaign and spread the word!  All are invited to the Hereditary Cancers symposium at RS on Sun, Oct. 6, 10:30 am, where Basser Research Center  director Dr. Susan Domchek, facilitated by Philly 57’s health reporter Stephanie Stahl, will speak about the BRCA 1 and 2 cancer gene mutations–carried by men and women– and experts will guide us towards resources.  If you cannot attend but want guidance, and especially for testing for a family member with cancer, contact: Together we will pursue the mitzvah of pekuach nefesh–to save a life.