Join together for an in-person, outdoor component to the Shabbat services on Fridays,  June 11, and June 25 at 6:00pm in our driveway by registering below or access the service virtually with this link. Please note that June 4 will only be virtual due to weather.
Based on recent vaccination rates, vaccination coverage, and slowing virus spread, we aim to offer in-person experiences in ways that incrementally bring us together as one community with multiple access options. 
Please consider joining us in this opportunity to bring the divine presence with us into the outdoors, much like our ancestors did in the Mishkan/tent chapel, described in the Torah
Jewish values obligate us to protect ourselves and each other. We expect all participants attending in-person activities to be vaccinated, with the exception of congregants who are not yet of vaccination age or who have a health condition that prevents them from being vaccinated. 
Please keep these updated protocols and pointers in mind:
  • Masks are required. Note: clergy members will unmask for parts of the service.
  • When you arrive, seats will be spread apart; feel free to push some together with others who feel mutually comfortable.
  • If you have children, please keep them close to you. Supervised roaming is welcome; please keep them from approaching people in other households.  
  • Please greet each other and clergy at several feet away, with a wave
  • Shabbat programs will double as prayerbooks and be available upon arrival.
  • It’s BYO if you choose to wear a kippah/yalmulke
  • If we are lucky enough to have a sunny day, plan for a hat and sunglasses.
  • Should you need a restroom, use the side stairwell door at the corner of the building (near the handicapped parking spaces) and use the elevator or stairway to reach the lower level restrooms.
With all of these protocols taken care of, do your best to bring your ruach/spirit!