Chairs:  Elaine Jaskol Crane ( and Howard Green (

If you enjoy reading and discussing books of Jewish interest, then ReadRS is for you. ReadRS meets bimonthly for discussions of books chosen either by RS staff or group members. Here is our upcoming schedule:


December 8: Rabbi Freedman: David Baddiel, Jews Don’t Count

Join us for a lively discussion with Rabbi Eli Freedman of David Baddiel’s Jews Don’t Count. (131 pages)
From Goodreads: “Jews Don’t Count is a book for people on the right side of history. People fighting the good fight against homophobia, disablism, transphobia and, particularly, racism. People, possibly, like you.
“It is the comedian and writer David Baddiel’s contention that one type of racism has been left out of this fight. In his unique combination of reasoning, polemic, personal experience and jokes, Baddiel argues that those who think of themselves as on the right side of history have often ignored the history of anti-Semitism. He outlines why and how, in a time of intensely heightened awareness of minorities, Jews don’t count as a real minority.” RSVP to Elaine Jaskol at

Discussion Questions: 

- Many of Baddiel's examples are from the UK. Is this same problem as prevalent in the US? Is there something more antisemitic about Europe?

- Can you personally relate to any of the "microaggressions" that Baddiel speaks of ?  Have you been in progressive spaces where antisemitism was not called   out in the same way other forms of bigotry are?

- Is Baddiel's comparison (and hierarchy) of antisemitism to anti-Black racism and other bigotry helpful or does it just create more problems?

- Baddiel gives many examples from social media (mostly Twitter); is this an accurate representation of society as a whole or is this a social media problem?

- Which of his many examples did you find most striking, most troubling, or disturbing?

- Baddiel does a great job of laying out the problem but offers few solutions. How do we make sure Jews DO count?

February 2 : Cantor Hyman: Ted Merwin, Pastrami on Rye: Overstuffed History of the Jewish Deli
April 6:     Rabbi Kuhn: TBA
June 1:     Rabbi Fuchs: The Paris Architect: A Novel
August  3:   Rabbi Maderer: TBA
November 2:   Jennifer James: TBA


ReadRS Choice

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match . . . a book match! Allow us to introduce ReadRS Choice, a database where you can see what books fellow congregants are recommending. Each recommendation gives the title, author, literary genre, area of Jewish interest, a one or two sentence summary of contents, and a brief opinion. We encourage you to add to the database by making your own recommendations which you do by going to the Rodeph Shalom website, click on “Learn,” then click on “ReadRS,” then click on “ReadRS Choice.” There you will find two links – one to the spreadsheet and one to the form where you can make a recommendation.

To see the spreadsheet of recommendations, click here. To make a recommendation, click here.