Chairs:  Stacie Evans ( & Elaine Jaskol Crane (

ReadRS is an opportunity to connect with each other and share ideas through lively book discussions. Select books of interest that provide "a good read" and help us explore the meaning and experience of being Jewish, past or present, in America and around the world. Open to members and prospective members.

Discussion on The Great Partnership: Science, Religion, and the Search for Meaning by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks with Rabbi Eli Freedman
Wednesday, April 28 at 6:30 PM over Zoom 

Join our lively group as we experience the stimulation books bring to our lives!

 “I have always found the false dichotomy between science and religion to be so interesting. Often I have heard people say that they don't believe in God because they believe in science. The two are not mutually exclusive! In fact, it is my love of science, discovery, and awe for the natural world around us that helps inform my understanding of God. I look forward to honoring the memory of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, zt"l as we discuss this fascinating book and the ways in which science can bring us closer to God.” -Rabbi Freedman