Reflections for Elul: Letting the Light In

    Late one night, in the city of Chelm, known to be populated by fools, Shmuel happened upon his friend Avrum. Avrum was down on his hands and knees, underneath the street light, searching for something. Shmuel inquired as to what Avrum was doing. “I’ve lost my keys,” he replied. “Perhaps you’ll help me search.” Shmuel joined him. After half an hour, they had still had no success. “Avrum, where exactly did you lose the keys? Maybe we can concentrate our efforts.” Avrum replied, “I lost them in that alley over there.” Shmuel was dumbfounded, “So why are we looking here?”
Avrum looked over at his friend, “Why are we looking here? Because the light is better here, that’s why!” (Story told by Joel Ziff in his book Mirrors in Time, A Psycho-Spiritual Journey through the Jewish Year).

So often we look where the light always shines. During the month of Elul we are encouraged to confront the darker parts of our souls, and with hope and faith let the light in. Once we do, we will be able to make the choice to change.

L’shanah tovah –Rabbis Kuhn, Maderer, Freedman and Cantor Frankel