We stand with Ukraine against Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian government’s invasion, support the Ukrainian people’s resistance, and support the many Russians risking their lives in public protest.  

We are all compelled to ask ourselves, what is my power and what is its purpose? We have the power to speak out, to learn about Ukraine and its Jewish community and history (see resource below), to advocate with public officials, and to give tzedakah (see opportunities below). Click here to learn more.

To learn about the Jewish community and history in Ukraine: 


To learn about the current Reform Jewish communities from rabbis in Ukraine: 


To learn about the global Reform Movement and the work of the World Union for Progressive Judaism and to give tzedakah: https://wupj.org/ukraine/?fbclid=IwAR3bjJvHjAGuHNZddDL6lDaWfxiN6k_pZEHDOVcfHRY8OScBZvUaowdUM-g 

Tzedakah also can be directed for humanitarian aid to: 



And for tzedakah refugee aid to: https://www.hias.org/where/ukraine