Inclusion with our Rodeph Shalom family is integral to creating profound connections. Closed captioning is available on all virtual services.

When in-person, consider these actions:

  • Offer your aisle seat to congregants who require accommodation.
  • Help clear the path during the post services traffic at exits.
  • Use lower level restrooms, giving priority use of the restroom behind the security desk to those with
    limited mobility.

Caring Community will help distribute assistive audio devices and large print prayer books, and also answer accommodation-related questions. If you have ideas on how we can be more inclusive or to volunteer, email Stephanie Strauss at

If you benefit from the presence of an in-person sign language interpreter, contact Stephanie Strauss at as soon as possible. Special seating will be provided in view of the interpreter.

Equity, Inclusion, Diversity

The Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Task Force, is named to describe our work but also because our acronym is the transliteration of the Hebrew word EID, meaning “witness”. Our work is help realize our congregational vision of creating profound connections. We see our mandate as helping RS become more inclusive and diverse, ever more living out the precept that each human being is created b’tzelem elohim, in the image of God. Contact Ellen Poster at and Mon Kramer at

EID High Holy Days goals include:

  • Greeter training: In our ongoing work to create a sense of belonging, we are providing this
    training to our staff, security team, and greeters during the High Holy Days.
  • Closed Captioning: Using this tool in all our multi-access services and programs, where closed captioning is an option.
  • To ensure we have large print prayer books and hearing devices in good working order available.
  • To reserve space in the sanctuary for groups with particular needs, such as wheelchair accessible seating, diverse body size and ASL signer visibility.
  • To reserve space outside the sanctuary for particular needs, such as a quiet room, a stim room, a room for nursing parents, and bathrooms with diaper changing capacity.
  • To identify appropriate messaging for our lobby to indicate that everyone — particularly
    marginalized identities– who enters our building for High Holy Day observance is welcome.