Rosh Chodesh: what it is.

Judaism follows a lunar calendar; hence our months and holidays are tied to the rhythm of the moon. Each new moon ushers in a new Jewish month, or Rosh Chodesh.

Jews celebrate Rosh Chodesh with additional liturgy and Torah readings. It has also become custom, or minhog, for Jewish women to gather and celebrate the new moon. These groups are simply known as Rosh Chodesh Groups. Women celebrate through prayer, Torah study, song, art, and meaningful discussion.

RS Women invites you to participate in this beautiful and meaningful minhog. You are also invited to lead or host a Rosh Chodesh gathering. Please see the signup schedule if you’re interested in leading or hosting in your home. You will have an additional opportunity to rsvp as a participant once the dates are confirmed.

We understand that it’s not always possible to gather exactly on the evening of the new moon. Therefore, there will be months when we gather the evening before or after the new moon.


New Moon Schedule & Signup

Rosh Chodesh content may be designed around the monthly holiday; social justice; or any topic that is meaningful & spiritual. Judaism and femininity within Judaism is a focus. You may co-lead with someone. Each month needs a leader and a host.