RS Visioning Initiative

The leadership of Rodeph Shalom, along with the assistance of synagogue transformation expert Rabbi Larry Hoffman, has been engaged in conversations about what we envision for our congregation in the future.  We would like for every RS individual to participate in this initiative to ensure that our process is inclusive and reflects the perspectives of our membership.  Please read here to learn about two ways you can participate.

What is this Visioning Initiative?

Why we need you.

  • We need every member’s voice to be heard so that our vision includes what is important to you. 

How can you participate? There are two important ways:

  • Come on Friday, March 4th at 6 PM; Saturday, March 5th Torah Study at 9:15 AM; and/or Sunday, March 6th at 10:30 AM to engage in a visionary community conversation facilitated by Rabbi Larry Hoffman.
  • Participate in a Face-to-Face Conversation

What is a Face-to-Face Conversation?

  • A Face-to-Face Conversation is a one-on-one, face to face conversation between one RS member and another which focuses on what is meaningful and important in your life and how you connect to this community.
  • The goal of the Face-to-Face Conversation is to create a more connected community that understands what matters to its members and to create a mission that articulates our distinct vision of Rodeph Shalom for the future.
  • Our Face-to-Face Conversations have just begun! Some of you may have already had a conversation with someone on our Board about what matters to you. We would love to have you participate in one or many Face-to-Face Conversation.  

We invite you to participate!

  • Please contact Catherine Fischer, 215-627-6747 x46,, and let her know how you would like to participate.