Solidarity with Muslim Neighbors in Response to a Desecration



In response to the desecration of the Al Aqsa Islamic Society, a mosque in our neighborhood, our congregation’s clergy has sent this letter of support to its Imam.  This Hanukkah, may the Jewish community find ways to bring light into our world.

Letter to Imam Shehata

Dear Imam Shehata,

We are writing as your neighbors, as brothers and sisters of faith and as fellow clergy to tell you we stand with you and you are not alone.

We were horrified to learn of the desecration of your mosque and we denounce the hateful atmosphere of Islamophobia in our nation today.
We would like to be your interfaith partners and invite you to share with us ways we can offer support.  Please know that we have and will continue to share with our congregation the critical importance of solidarity and of speaking out against hate.
We pray for the day we can all experience religious freedom,
Rabbi William I. Kuhn
Rabbi Jill L. Maderer
Rabbi Eli C. Freedman
Cantor Erin R. Frankel