Celebrating Catherine–Remarks from Fran Martin

Hello.  Hello. 

As you are settling in, finding your people, your table and getting your food, I want to not only officially welcome you all to this stunning Celebrating of Catherine, and also to thank each and every one of you here for making this a true Community endeavor, one totally fitting for this celebration.  As Catherine has brought us and stood for the importance of community engagement here at RS, tonight her community with this extraordinary spread is demonstrating just how much she has meant to us.

As everyone here has contributed in one way or another, I want to express my gratitude to you all for your commitment and devotion to fulfilling our vision of what this could be.  Tonight’s celebration would not be possible without the Vision of Rabbi Maderer, the support of Mike and Hank, and the endless work of Alyssa, Alicia and Julia.  Without them, and without you, our vision for a most fitting celebration of Catherine could/would never have happened.