HaDag Nachash, Here I Come!

If you’ve ever seen the Adam Sandler movie, Don’t Mess with the Zohan, you may be familiar with the band, HaDag Nachash.  Their name which literally means Snake Fish, is a Hebrew spoonerism of the phrase Nachag Chadash, a new driver.  Through mixing hip hop and rock, western and eastern music, HaDag Nachash bring to light some of the most important issues in Israel today.  One song that particularly touches upon what it means to be in Israel is, “Hinei Ani Ba, Here I Come.”  The song tells the tale of the dichotomy between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv:

Jerusalem, a city of explosions
walking the street feels like the ingathering of the exiles
a thousand cultures, everyone has a brother and 9 sisters
Arabs in order, ultra-orthodox in the yeshiva
and all are receiving God here – at a frequency
from day to day Tel Aviv sparkled more
friends left or got closer to the creator of the heavens
gray, boring, there’s no sea
thoughts about leaving
three years it took me to get to the decision
I pack my belongings into the suitcase
from the village to the city in the direction of descending
I went in the direction of the shore
and now that I’m in Tel Aviv finally
I mix in with the scenery all is fresh and it’s good
my eyes got burnt
after two years of Sodom and Gomorra
I don’t recognize myself in the mirror
I know, I mix, I fuse, I embrace with
all the owners of the clubs
Now that I’m in, I know that it doesn’t sparkle
how much noise, how much soot,
I had paradise in my hands
thoughts about leaving
three years it took me to get the decision
I pack my belongings into the suitcase
from the city to the village in the direction of ascending

According to HaDag Nachash and many Israelis, Jerusalem is a city of holiness, mystery, and ancientness, while Tel Aviv is a modern European beach town that parties all night.  Israel is an amazing country because it is simultaneously, the omphalos of the world, while still being one of the world leaders in new technology.  In the book, Startup Nation, authors Dan Senor and Saul Singer describe how Israel is leading the way in microchip technology, electric cars and so much more.  With the highest number of startups per capita of any nation in the world and massive venture capital investment, Israel is one of the world’s entrepreneurship hubs.  This is Israel, where you can pray at the 2500 year old Western Wall and one hour later be on the beach in one of the most modern Mediterranean cities.

Through our partnership with PhillyIsrael, HaDag Nachash is performing at Rodeph Shalom on the last night of Hanukkah, Dec 4th @ 7:30pm.  This amazing concert, sponsored in part by the Joseph W. Rosenbluth Memorial Fund, will raise money for Ahava Village, a residential center in Israel for children coming from high-risk home situations.

For tickets and more information go to PhillyIsrael.com