Hebrew Learning

Hebrew is an integral part of the Berkman Mercaz Limud experience because it is the language shared by the Jewish people over millennia and across the globe, with a direct through-line to us today in our worship and holiday observances, in our relationships with Israel, and in our connection to our values and traditions.

Through Hebrew learning, we help our learners to become joyful, confident participants in Jewish worship and Jewish communal life.  Our goal is to foster a sense of joy and ownership in this remarkable aspect of Jewish heritage: a language used continuously over 4,000 years for Torah study and a language given new life for today. 

Hebrew learning also is excellent for cognitive growth.  Learning a new language teaches skills that are transferrable to other areas of life and secular learning, such as listening and problem-solving skills, attention and concentration, non-verbal intelligence (recognizing visual patterns, connections, and sequences), and improved learning in math and language arts studies.