Remarks about Catherine Fischer by Hank Bernstein

On behalf of the Congregation, thank you Catherine and Richard for your amazing gift—establishing and funding the Community Engagement Innovation Fund.

We’re here to celebrate and honor Catherine for all she’s done for our Community and for each of us here, and it is so Catherine to give us a gift.  It is just so Catherine.

Richard—I’m really happy for you that Catherine will soon be devoting full time to you and your family.  Many of you here tonight may not know that I’ve had an ongoing three-year philanthropy affair with Catherine—meeting with her on Mondays for three years, having lunch together and talking about philanthropy and everything else under the sun —

Over the years we’ve been working together, Catherine has given me at least three things that I will always be thankful for and treasure—her leadership, her mentorship and her friendship.

Thank you for all that you’ve done for this sacred community—we love you.