Shine Light into the Darkness of This Week

We write with heavy hearts, as we face the shock and sadness of terror and tragedy in Boston.  In a week filled with tragic events, we also grieve for the loss of life in West, Texas, the insecurity in Israel after more rockets were fired, and the insecurity here in the U.S. as we share frustration over legislative inaction in response to gun violence.  Even as our physical and emotional safety are vulnerable, we look to each other for community, support, and hope.

And, as we will pray together tomorrow evening at Shabbat services:
Misheberach avotenu v’imotenu, may the One who blessed our ancestors bless those who were injured with healing, bless their loved ones with strength and bless the healers with wisdom and compassion in the care they deliver.  May all who are broken move toward wholeness.  Amen.

You can learn more here about the Senate’s political and moral failure regarding gun violence legislation.