Eitz Chaim Hi Lamachazikim Ba: It is a tree of life to those who hold fast to it

What is Torah Restoration?

Honoring Torah and its role as a pillar of Judaism requires us to care for our sacred scrolls. This work includes repairing and rewriting broken letters as well as restoring damaged parchment.

Find out how you can engage with Torah and participate in our Torah Restoration Project -- whether you are a family looking forward to a B’nai Mitzvah, a congregant honoring a simcha (joyous occasion), a young friend on a journey of Jewish discovery, a senior reflecting on your enduring legacy, or anyone looking to enhance your connection with Judaism.

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Become a Patron and Participate in This Meaningful Opportunity

When you become a patron, you help support Rodeph Shalom throughout the year. As a patron, you will have the opportunity to help scribe repair a letter in one of our Torah scrolls on Sunday, April 30. Become a patron by clicking here or reach out to Noah Levine, Philanthropy Manager, at 267-930-7291.

We extend gratitude to our patrons who make so much of our congregational life possible:

The Subtle ($5,000)
David Behrend & Dona Horowitz-Behrend
Henry B. Bernstein
Bonnie Brier & Bruce Rosenfield
Dr. Bettyruth Walter
Marcia Witlin-Basickes & Robert Basickes
Jackie & Earl Wolf

The Allegorical ($2,500)
Carol Blank Barsh & Horace Barsh
Jonathan Broder & Joy Bernstein
Dena Herrin & Alfredo Mauri
Annabelle Jellinek
Deborah & Zachary Klehr
Beth & Stan Lashner
Lee Rosengard & Andrea Kramer
Gary Silverman
Ellen & Mickey (z"l) Simon
Ann White & Jeffrey Ettinger

The Literal ($1,250)
Jay & Donna Barnett
Susan Behr
Jane Biberman
Lloyd & Merrill Brotman
Marilyn A. Cohen
Cheryl K. Dougherty
Karen & Fred Edelstein
Charles Ellis & Henry Patterson
Betsy & Bob Fiebach
Rabbi Eli & Laurel Freedman
Rabbi Alan & Carol Fuchs
Adele Greenspun
Michael Hauptman & Erika Flory
Cantor Brad & Vicki Hyman
Jennifer James
Joan & Jeffrey Katz
Susan & Lenny Klehr
Mark Kogan & Ellen Krafstow-Kogan
Bernice Koplin
Rabbi Bill & Emily Kuhn
Laurel & Brent Landau
Marc Lowenstein & Debbie Davies
Rabbi Jill Maderer & Len Lipkin
Fran Martin
Adelle Rubin
Dick & Bobbe Schmeltzer
Fred Strober & Beth Ann Robinson
Stephen Weitzenhoffer & Carl Kopfinger

First Time Patron ($750)
Paula Fuchsberg
Elizabeth & Paul Planet

Torah Project Sponsorship Opportunities for All

Become a Scribal Sponsor in support of our Philanthropic Year. Sponsors at each level receive the opportunity to help repair a letter in one of our Torah scrolls on Sunday afternoon, April 30.  To become a Scribal Sponsor, click here or contact Noah Levine.

Interested in a private Torah repair session? Please let us know you are participating by April 7 to schedule your session on April 30 -- for sponsorship at $360 and higher. Additional Torah repair sessions will be added as needed. To become a Scribal Sponsor, contact Noah Levine at nlevine@rodephshalom.org.

Scribal Sponsor Gift Levels:

$1,080 – Identify a unique Torah repair opportunity that is meaningful to you, with the help of our staff and lay leaders. Participate in a private Torah repair session with our scribe. Examples include:
- Repair a letter from the Hebrew word of a favorite Jewish value.
- Honor a family ancestor by repairing a letter found in their (or your) Hebrew name.

$540 – Commemorate your B’nai Mitzvah or another life cycle simcha by repairing a letter in the Torah portion that we help you identify -- during a private Torah repair session.

$360 – Participate in a private Torah repair session. You, and each member in your private group, will individually help repair a letter in one of our Torah scrolls.

$180 – Participate in a small Torah repair group that starts with a prayer for the sacred work. Then, each household helps repair a letter in one of our Torah scrolls.

$36 – Participate in a community Torah repair session that begins with your group saying a prayer for the sacred work and, in smaller groups, get up close with one of our Torah scrolls to help repair a letter.

How to Sign Up for your Torah Repair Time

Annual Philanthropic Year Patrons:

  • You will be contacted to schedule your Torah repair time on March 22 or April 30, or contact Noah at nlevine@rodephshalom.org.

Scribal Sponsors

  • After signing up to be a Scribal Sponsor, you will be contacted to schedule your Torah repair time on April 30.
  • If your participation includes commemorating a simcha or another unique repair opportunity, contact Noah Levine.

Renee Carl & Family
Marilyn Cohen
Stephen & Elaine Crane
Michael & Helene Freidman
Ben-Zion & Jane Friedman
Beth Garstkiewicz
Ned Hanover
Ann Sue & David Israel
Charles Kline & Marion Williams
Bernice Koplin
Mon Kramer & Maggie McGill
Muriel Kudera
Noah Levine & Samantha Casey
Karen Mendelsohn & Jeffrey Cossin
Eve Miller
Debra Poul & Leonard Goldberger
Susan & Richard Salkowitz
Mario Gary & Stacy Wyn Sarno
Leonard & Alice Sayles
The Schulman Family
Daniel & Kate Seltzer
Steven Share & Todd Hacker
Jerry Silverman
Stephanie Wachel Strauss &
Jeffrey Strauss

With Gratitude to our Underwriters & Match Challenge Participants

We extend gratitude to our Torah Restoration Project underwriters:
Initial launch: Henry Bernstein, Bonnie Brier & Bruce Rosenfield

Torah Restoration Project $50,000 Match Challenge: Toni Seidl & Rick Berkman
"Our participation in the Torah Restoration Project reflects our deep devotion to Torah - L'dor V'dor." - Rick Berkman & Toni Seidl

Participating in the Match are: David Behrend & Dona Horowitz-Behrend, Henry Bernstein, Jon Broder & Joy Bernstein, Dr. Fran Martin, Tom & Carol Perloff, Jennifer Rice & Michael Forman, Bruce & Elizabeth Rubin, Mickey (z"l) & Ellen Simon, RS clergy

Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors



Meet Our Soferot (Scribes: Female)

Linda Coppleson's role as a soferet extends beyond writing and restoration to include teaching about the art and skill of the craft while embracing and including congregants in the process.  She is retired from a 25-year career teaching Tanach (Bible), Rabbinics and Jewish History, but continues to teach in her role as a soferet.


Rabbi Bec Richman
is an artist and a soferet who brings ancient teachings to life through the work of her hands. She integrates Torah and creativity as an artist and educator. Bec was ordained as a rabbi at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and is an alumna of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship. Bec lives in Cleveland Heights, OH.