Tragedy in Newtown, CT

We have all been deeply touched by the tragic events of last Friday’s mass killings in Newtown, CT.  While it is so difficult to know how to respond, our hearts go out to all of the families and friends of the victims of this senseless crime, as we hold each of them in our thoughts and prayers.  We also express our admiration and respect to all of the first responders and the many people who have been such a help and comfort to all those touched by this event.  We say a prayer for our nation, as we feel that Newtown has changed us forever.
A tragedy such as this can move us to seek the sheltering peace and comfort of our own Rodeph Shalom Community.  Please join us for Shabbat services on any Friday night at 6:00 pm, as we come together to console each other and to offer our prayers to ask God to grant peace to our country.
There are many people in our congregation who want to know what we can do as a community.  Please contact any of our clergy or Catherine Fischer (215) 627-6747, x 46.  if you are interested in connecting with others in our congregation who would like to respond through action in any of the following areas:
•    Gun violence
•    Improvements in mental health services
•    Safety in schools
•    Discuss our national culture – violence in TV shows, movies, video games and the impact it has on people.
•    Role of values, ethics and prayer in our lives.
•    Other ideas.
The purpose of our congregation is to help everyone connect with each other, with Judaism and with God.  At times such as these, we need to come together more than ever in kindness, compassion, caring, goodness, warmth and support.  Let this benevolence spread out to everyone whose lives we touch, so that no one feels alone, isolated or lost.  Let every person know that we can all make such a difference in this world if we will act as God’s partner in making this world a better place.
Let Newtown be the place and the time which caused us to finally heed God’s call to heal the pain in our world for good.
Dena R Herrin, President, Rabbis William I. Kuhn,  Jill L. Maderer, Eli C. Freedman and Cantor Erin R. Frankel