“What’s Jewish About Everyday Life?”

During the nine Friday nights from July 5th through August 30th, we will offer a newly updated version of what has become a great tradition at Rodeph Shalom.  Throughout our summer Shabbat services, we will focus on one common theme: the presence of Jewish values in otherwise secular encounters we experience throughout our typical day.  During these services, we will explore how Judaism can be relevant to our every day lives.  All through our daily lives, we experience events that seem quite ordinary and mundane.  Yet, if we really think about these occurences, we can see that many of them are quite extraordinary.  The music we hear in our daily lives (wherever you access your music: via radio, satellite, MP3, live, CD, etc.) can be filled with Jewish content, even though the words are quite secular.
Likewise, there can be great meaning found all through popular culture: movies, plays, books and news stories.
This summer we will explore how these experiences relate to Judaism.  Is there great Jewish wisdom found in secular music, such as Bob Dylan songs?  How do popular movies relate to Judaism?  Can the antics of our politicians in Washington or celebrities and sports figures give us insight into the true meaning of “tshuva” in preparation for the High Holy Days?
“What’s Jewish About Everyday Life?” will be the theme of our summer service discussions, every Friday evening at Rodeph Shalom.
Join us at 5:30 pm for our Pre-Oneg Shabbat in the Thalheimer Lobby.  Music begins in the Sanctuary at 5:50pm. to warm up our voices and our souls.  Then our services begin at 6:00pm with lively Kabbalat Shabbat music that will put us all in the proper frame of mind to welcome Shabbat.
Following the services we will hold a concluding Oneg Shabbat to allow everyone to join in the joy of celebrating Shabbat.
Our goal is to have a wonderful Shabbat experience to which you can bring your family and friends, and still be able to go home, or out to Shabbat dinner together.  As is now typical, you can expect services to last from 6:00-7:15 pm.  You will even have time to go “down the shore.”
We are all looking forward to learning, sharing and celebrating together during these Summer Shabbat Services.  We hope that each of you will come and join with us as individuals and as a community.  We believe that Jewish services, Jewish music and the discussion of how Judaism can give our lives meaning will bring you comfort and fulfillment.  They can give us that intangible feeling of spirituality and a connectedness as a group, as a community, and as a congregation that we can find nowhere else.
I hope that you and your family and friends will join us this summer for Summer Services at Rodeph Shalom.  Enjoy the stimulating- service in a relaxed atmosphere.  Learn a little, pray a little, sing a little and then go home (or somewhere) to have Shabbat dinner with your loved ones.